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"Brandon Anderson’s new electro-pop dance track “Pixelated Love” just feels about perfect."

David Reddish - Queerty

"Brandon Anderson always impresses us with his lyrical mastery, and [SHADOWS] is nothing short of an emotional and cathartic masterpiece that helps us see through the shadows cast by the negative voices in our minds."


"Indie artist Brandon Anderson drops his latest album, this one a collection of concept tracks about the chaos and violence wrought by the Trump era. Rock critics draw parallels between Anderson and provocative singers like Tori Amos, though for our money, his techno-rock tunes remind us more of Incubus mixed with Nine Inch Nails. The homoerotic themes that pop up in much of his work seal the deal for us."


“Critics Pick”

Time Out NY


“#8 on the Advocate's Hot Sheet that features must see items in the entertainment world”



"As "Wake Up," the lead single from his new album Guitars & Grievances, demonstrates, the urgent wail of talented out singer-songwriter Brandon Anderson should make him a hit with fans of other folk-alt musicians such as Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos."

Jeremy Kinser - The Advocate


"From the desperate reach of Sinking Slowly to the tender touch of So Much For Love, the album [Guitars & Grievances] is constantly touching your heart, just in different ways, with both a soft stroke and a firm clench."

Howard Stump - Soundtrack To My Day


“Both his songs and performances are electric and deeply personal”

Ranger News


"Of The Free takes a volatile issue and attacks it with heart and powerful songwriting. It's rare that a song can speak on a political issue of any kind without the hint of preaching or condescension. Brandon nailed it ... with his heart wrenching emotion and lyrics." -Review "Of The Free"

iTunes Review


"My friend, Mary, and I were amazed with your performance last night. Your piano is visceral - we felt it in the gut - and your lyrics hit straight to the heart. You brought us right into your life, motioned for us all to sit down, and told us about ourselves with humor, outrage and compassion. A sublime performance"

Sue Panger - Performance Review


"[His music is] so beautiful! I can't turn it off...It plays in my house over and over..."

iTunes Review

"Brandon Anderson’s score is propelled by moody, rhythmic figures which percolate under plaintive pop-folk-tinged melodies. Anderson is an accomplished performer himself: he puts his cast through their paces, exploring every inch of their vocal ranges while weaving them into intricate, soaring harmonies."  -Rob Hartmann,


T"he Artist & The Scientist is an inventive and deeply moving new musical currently running at CAP21. Bookwriter/lyricist Jenny Stafford and composer Brandon Anderson have together crafted a story which seeks to explore the inner drives which can both save us from an uncertain world, and trap us into familiar patterns."  -Rob Hartmann,


"Musically, the show moves in an arc that is in sync with the book. ... lushly romantic, with multi-part harmonies that kick in as Logic, Creativity, Time, and Space come closer to accord."  -Howard Miller, Talkin'

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